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It’s inexpensive to build. (you could start generating electricity for less than $100 in materials
It’s easy to build. You don’t even need to be an engineer. It’s so simple even a 6-year-old could build
You could start installing solar plants for friends and colleagues (which means more  money)
You can also start SAVING MONEY on electricity bill from DAY ONE!
It works in all weather conditions regardless of the temperature. And generates electricity EVEN when cloudy.
On a small scale, it will reduce your electric bill up to 50%
On a larger scale, it will eliminate your bill completely and even have the power company paying you for electricity
It runs QUIETLY and it’s totally ECO-FRIENDLY. In other words, it doesn’t pollute the environment
No SPECIAL TOOLS are needed. The materials can be found ANYWHERE in the world.
The total cost of the materials averages less than $100 per system
The instructions are easy-to-follow steps. Everyone will be able to follow them.
The ‘’how to’’ pictures and diagrams makes the building process QUICK AND EASY!
It’s completely safe even around children and PETS
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If for any reason, you get STUCK or have questions, we’ll guide you through it every STEP of the way

You see, there are many people who spend over $300 monthly on electricity bills alone.

Plus, there’s no assurance that the price will stay that way. The electricity company might way up one morning to increase their bills

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